The construction industry is hectic and requires a lot of personnel. And due to its technical nature, especially in core areas, it involves staff with extensive knowledge and experience in the construction industry. As such, as an organisation in the construction industry, you will necessarily need highly qualified personnel. 

However, it can be quite hectic trying to identify capable and qualified construction personnel. You already have enough task trying to identify clients’ needs and deliver exceptional quality. And that’s where our team at Launchability comes in. 

We understand the difficulty you stand to face by taking this task on by yourself. And as such, we relieve you of this task by giving you access to the best options available in the industry. We are also aware of your culture of excellence and strive to exceed it by providing personnel with the same value and ethics.

We do not discriminate based on size or projects. As such, whether you are looking to build a bridge, tunnel, road, or a power plant, we ensure we are ready to aid your personnel needs. We provide construction personnel who have the qualification, skill and personality required to establish a successful team in your organisation. 

We have a reputation to maintain. And as such, we only provide qualified and capable hands to your construction task. Regardless of your needs, whether part-time or full-time, we ensure we maintain our standard of exceptional quality delivery.

We ensure you sufficiently intimate us with all your specific personnel needs. We guarantee we don’t leave anything to chance. Instead, we accumulate your information as a brochure and match fit personnel with it. 

We have a team of expert recruiters with considerable experience in the construction industry. And they perform the vital function of matching you with the best personnel. Rest assured; our team possess the relevant technical know-how to deliver on this task.

Our most staffed roles include:

  • Site Engineers
  • Site Managers
  • Finishing Forepersons
  • Submissions Coordinator
  • Site Foreman
  • Site Administration
  • Services Manager
  • Services Engineer
  • Safety Manager
  • Safety Coordinator
  • Safety Advisor
  • Quality Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Project Director
  • Operations Manager 
  • Foreman
  • Cost Planner
  • General Manager
  • Leading Hand
  • Construction Manager 
  • Design Manager
  • Contract Administrator 

So, if you’re looking to employ the best construction personnel, at Launchability, we offer premium and relevant solutions to each of your needs.

In case you need extra information on our staffing offerings for the construction industry, you can contact us through any of the methods below.