Working Industries

We are a staffing firm that provides access to professionals across various industries. Our focus industries include:

  • Health
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • IT
  • Administration
  • Sales
  • Construction

Our Staffing Options

We understand that staffing needs differ. Sometimes, you might look towards a permanent placement. Other times, you might prefer a temporary employee to perform a specific task. We understand these differences and as such, provide various staffing options.

They include:


We provide the contract option for organisation and businesses that require experts on specific subjects either on a short term or long term. And thanks to our expertise and vast network in various industries, we can provide the best picks.

We ensure we properly vet these candidates and only present highly capable and qualified professionals who can perform excellently in your organisation.

We also take full control of the employment services. And this is for every professional or consultant that you contract with our help. We take care of background checks, the process of onboarding, and termination. In cases of extension, we also take care of it.

We take care of the payroll services. This way, you don’t have to worry about any other thing aside from your business.


We also provide temporary staffing in cases where necessary. As such, we provide highly qualified individuals to cover employee absence. We also offer individual contributors for short term projects.


We also provide the contract-to-hire option where we allow you to engage consultants or contractors temporarily. In turn, you can benefit from their skill and technical knowledge for a specific period.

We also allow you to have an option of permanent employment in case they impress you after the evaluation period lapses. It’s a flexible offering that saves you the stress of various employee headcount. As such, we allow you to increase the headcount at a slow and moderate pace that you can manage. 

Direct Hire

We also provide the direct hire option where we provide pre-vetted and highly qualified professionals to take a vacant employment spot in your organisation permanently. Unlike the options above, we provide qualified individuals interested in a permanent position in your organisation.

As always, we go beyond the resume to conduct a one-on-one interview with your potential employees. We ensure their career goals align with your work environment. We guarantee our choices are individuals that can perform exceptionally in your workplace.

Why You Should Choose Us

When you choose us, you stand to benefit the following.

Extensive Network

We have a deep root in various sectors, meaning we can afford you the very best professionals regardless of your industry. We can conduct an in-depth search for you and find that gem that will make your organisation tick.

Expert Recruiters

We also offer a team expert recruiter that allows us to effectively evaluate potential candidates and sieve out the wheat from the chaffs. We provide only the best of the best professionals to evaluate your potential employee. We ensure they are skilled and knowledgeable about your industry. This way, they can produce excellent results for your benefits.

Continuous Employee Services

We also offer ongoing employee support services. We don’t just help you find the right employee. We go beyond that to provide further support throughout the process that allows you to focus on other parts of your company.

Personalised and Tailored Approach

We offer a staffing service that takes every one of your needs into consideration. We engage in an in-depth assessment of your values, mission, and goals. We look at your current staffing status and work towards providing an option that effectively complements your existing weakness and needs.