Career Counselling

Making career choices can be quite complicated and tricky in the world of today. There are various skill requirement, insight, and experience required to make a choice. Even more, it can be quite challenging to know whether you are making the right choice or not.

At Launchability, we provide specialised career counselling services to guide you through this stage of your life. We understand that it can be quite overwhelming to make the right career choices. As such, we ensure you are well informed of your options and your potentials to explore those options.

Our services are available to a wide range of individuals with the need for career guidance or coaching. And they include:

  • Individuals who are confused about picking a course of study
  • Recent graduates who are looking to land their first job
  • Migrants who find it challenging to transition into working in Australia
  • Professionals who are struggling to transition to a new role
  • Individuals who are looking to transition into a new career
  • Professionals who feel redundant and are looking towards finding a new role
  • Individuals who no longer love their work 

Hence, if you fall into any of these categories, at Launchability, we are available to cater to your needs. We have a track record of excellence that allows us to provide premium insight about your needs. Our team also has considerable experience, thanks to our team composition. As such, we ensure we offer an extra edge that brands your career choices excellently. 

For individuals looking to pick a course of study, we provide valuable information that allows you to find an ideal career. We interview you to understand your passion. Then, we explore possible options that you can pick to explore and realise your potentials.

Also, for your graduates, we ensure you can have the best transition from academics to practice. Regardless of your industry, we ensure you get valuable information about your career options. 

Then we intimate you about the potential trajectory of each option. This way, you can make your choices well equipped and with eyes on the future. We also provide competitive strategies that allow you to place better before recruiters. 

For those looking towards transitioning, we help you plan your voyage into a new field. We ensure you have all it needs to fare excellently in your new role or career choice.

So, if you’re looking to launch your career, at Launchability, we offer premium and relevant solutions to every of your career needs.

In case you need extra information on our career counselling offerings, you can contact us through any of the methods below.