Australian Career Development Centre


Australian Career Development Centre

At Launchability, we help launch your interests and passion into your career.

Launchability is a career planning and consulting company located in Australia. We offer strategic and personalised consulting services tailored to clear career confusion, identify career options, and aid workplace development. 

What We Do

Making career choices is not straightforward. Thanks to the skill and industry requirements, it is not very easy to choose a career path and grow effectively there. This is why our services focus on providing adequate information and guidance to help you select and grow in your career choice.

We tailor our services to individuals and organisations to ensure everyone enjoys a rewarding experience in their career choices and workplace.

Our services cut across the following areas


Career Counselling

Transitioning to a different career can be complicated. Same as transitioning from the school to the workplace. Even more, it might be stressful getting into the Australian job market as a migrant. And that’s where we come in at Launchability.

We address these challenges and provide relevant and personalised information that enables you to identify your option, potential, and likely trajectory.


Career Planning

Identifying career trajectory and actions needed to achieve them can be quite challenging, especially if you have to combine them with workplace pressure. And that’s where we come in at Launchability.

We address these challenges through an in-depth understanding of your interest, skills, values, and personal circumstances. In turn, we utilise this information to plan your career and identify action steps to implement them.


Employee Assistance Programs

Various challenges come in the workplace. From internal to external pressures, these issues can affect the level of productivity. Even more, personal problems and numerous family or legal problems may distort employee performance. And that’s where we come in at Launchability.

We address these challenges by providing confidential and personalised employee assistance programs to your business or organisation. We offer innovative solutions to ensure the wellbeing and health of employees.


Working Industries

Recruiting candidates to specialised roles can be quite challenging and time-consuming. More so, there’s the need to employ only the best and most qualified candidates. And that’s where we come in at Launchability.

We address these challenges by providing staffing services across various areas. From health to administration, sales, finance, and information technology, we ensure you get the best candidates.


Mental Health Aid

The mind plays a vital role in workplace performance and, in turn, career development. However, there are various threats to employees’ mental health that might limit performance. And that’s where we come in at Launchability.

We address these challenges and provide relevant information that allows employees to understand their mental health and prioritise them. We also deliver offerings that equip employees to effectively respond to the mental health crisis of a fellow employee.

Who We Work For?

Our focus includes individuals looking to start a career and maintain an impressive career trajectory. We also cater to individuals looking to transition to new career pathways.

We partner with organisation and businesses to provide effective solutions that maintain employee’ health, wellbeing, and, in turn, performance.

If you are looking for personalised career consulting and planning services or employee assistance and staffing offerings, then we are best suited for you.

How We Do It

We understand that career options are extensive, and career interest differs. As such, we base our service model on your specific interest, passion, and personal circumstances. This way, we always produce the best result.

Our service offerings run through the process below.


We do not just jump into conclusion about your needs. Instead, we take our time to find out everything about what you want to achieve. We do this through either physical consultation with you or virtual meetings.


After understanding your every need, we utilise them to identify valuable options to you. We present them as a formal recommendation which you can always refer to. We also provide continuous support. This way, you can effectively implement the action steps we recommended.

About Us

We are a consulting and advisory organisation with a focus on providing our clients with adequate information to make the right career choices. We also help businesses and organisation meet their staffing needs while also providing employee improvements offerings to them.

We model our services based on the following core values:


We ensure our services meet up and exceed industry standards.

Custom Services

We ensure our services meet your specific needs.


We ensure you can access our recommendation with ease.


We have a compelling presence in Australia. Wherever you are, we can reach you and help you launch your career!

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