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John Davis Packs it in at EY

At first it might be easy to focus on the ways EY has helped John Davis on his personal journey since
he joined the firm in January of 2012. His role working out of the mail room in the Dallas SSC
building allows him flexible hours and a strong support group – necessities for John in the wake of
a childhood car accident that resulted in a significant brain injury.He finds his work empowering, and
some of those who work closest with him have become not just colleagues, but friends.

A closer inspection of the situation, however, reveals the significant positive impact John has made upon his working world as well. From day one, he has impressed with his accountability and willingness to handle whatever is placed before him. No matter the task – be it stocking paper, packing recruiting boxes or formatting USB drives – John’s attitude and approach consistently attract the admiration of his co-workers. His acrylic paintings which dot the walls of the Dallas mailroom add a dash of fun and color to the environment. He has fully embraced his EY opportunity. And in so doing, he has set an example worthy of following.

John Davis Cartoons

“One of the best things about John is that even when he has to re-do things, he always has an incredibly positive attitude that I wish everybody had,” says Dallas-based Talent Team member Tamara Srader. “He’s an inspiration to a lot of people because of the positivity he brings every single day.”

Part of that positivity is derived from the support John receives on a daily basis from colleagues like Danny Allen and Theresa Mann. Allen does his best to ensure he always has an assignment waiting for John when he walks through the door – both to keep John busy and to help hammer home his importance to the department’s overall success.

“He doesn’t like sitting around. He wants to earn his keep,” says Allen. “I would say, ‘John, you’re the difference maker. – I don’t know what we would do without you,’ and you could see him begin to believe it himself.

“He looks forward to the next opportunity. He wants to know what he can do to help. He’s ready and available. I’ve seen him grow so much while working side by side with him.”

David Bruesehoff, the former Southwest Region People Leader who played a key role in helping John land his role with EY, believes that, “No matter the individual’s ability, every person deserves to experience the nobility of work.” EY’s flexible, supportive workplace has helped John attain that experience. He has the satisfaction of knowing that he brings value to the firm and those around him. Those that work with him are more enriched by having him on board. John’s positive attitude, willingness to get the job done and his ability to connect with people help drive his own success, the success of our teams and, subsequently, EY’s overall success as well.

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Pictured above left to right: Davila Niesen, Danny Allen, John Davis and Theresa Mann.