DJ and Changing Lives

DJ inspires PwC

DJ White makes a positive impact on everyone he comes into contact with at the Dallas PwC office, says Market Administrative Leader Cheryl Hagan. DJ came to work for PwC through LaunchAbility, an organization that helps people with disabilities reach their maximum potential.

Dallas Assurance Partner Brad Leffler serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for LaunchAbility® , an organization that supports children and adults with disabilities by providing services to help them reach their maximum potential. Through this relationship, DJ White was brought on board more than a year ago to stock and clean areas in the office. He was recently promoted to a full-time position, bringing changes not only to himself, but to his new supervisor, Market Administrative Leader Cheryl Hagan.

LaunchAbility coaches worked with Cheryl to make sure DJ had the support needed so he could evolve to achieve independence and expand his abilities. “The team
worked with me to develop a comprehensive daily checklist that we modified many times to make sure it worked well for DJ,” Cheryl shared. “DJ now has a daily booklet he uses to tell him where he needs to be and a checklist to guide him. He also knows who to go to with questions or concerns.”

As a result of DJ’s hard work and diligence, the Dallas office has tightened up processes and has a better handle on inventories. “DJ has brought me issues that I would have never known otherwise. He is constantly showing his value to PwC,” Cheryl said.

DJ White

“LaunchAbility has helped train me on how to work better with DJ," Cheryl continued. "They have given me the feedback I needed so in turn, I could provide feedback to DJ in a way that he understands. Our goal is for him to grow and learn. I’ve seen DJ become more and more confident in his abilities.

“DJ’s smile says it all," Cheryl said. "He brings a sense of pride with him in all that he does. He has enriched the office environment and has made a positive impact on everyone he comes in contact with.”

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