Daniel and the Parro

Daniel: He's just like you and me. Only different.

Daniel has excellent language skills but trouble with individual interactions. Eye contact is difficult because if he concentrates on looking at a person, he loses focus on the conversation. He is a strict rule follower but simple social skills escape him. He repeats jokes but does not understand sarcasm. He never forgets movie lines. Being incredibly blunt is often interpreted as rude.

DJ and Changing Lives

DJ inspires PwC

DJ White makes a positive impact on everyone he comes into contact with at the Dallas PwC office, says Market Administrative Leader Cheryl Hagan. DJ came to work for PwC through LaunchAbility, an organization that helps people with disabilities reach their maximum potential.

Ernst Young Logo

John Davis Packs it in at EY

At first it might be easy to focus on the ways EY has helped John Davis on his personal journey since he joined the firm in January of 2012. His role working out of the mail room in the Dallas SSC building allows him flexible hours and a strong support group – necessities for John in the wake of a childhood car accident that resulted in a significant brain injury.He finds his work empowering, and some of those who work closest with him have become not just colleagues, but friends.