Launchability Disability Hiring Process

DisAbility Hiring Process

Who are our clients?

Our adult clients have an array of diagnoses including autism, Down syndrome, traumatic brain injury, and other learning challenges. The Federal Government considers these conditions as severe disabilities when it comes to employment. We are inspired by the fact that every person with severe disabilities placed in a full-time job returns up to $47,000 per year to the Federal government alone in reduced need for social services and increased ability of the individual to pay taxes.

How does the program work?

 After consulting with your company on business needs and organization structure, LaunchAbility brings:
  • Pre-screened, pre-qualified applicants
  • Job coaching and on-the-job training
  • Continued support check-ins as needed for the life of the job
 We also offer specialized, company-specific programs that train people with disabilities for complex, multi-step jobs. Once hired our clients become your company‚Äôs employee, subject to the same policies and procedures as all employees.