Disability Hiring Benefits

What are the benefits of participating?

We are most proud of the job retention rates of our clients. Part of this success is due to the care we take in placing clients in the right job. Our clients love their jobs and hold them long-term:  
  • 84% for more than ONE year. 
  • 33% for more than FIVE years. 
  • 19% of our current clients have been in their jobs for more than TEN years

Businesses that employ people with disabilities turn social issues into business opportunities. These opportunities translate into lower costs, higher revenues and increased profits.

Hiring a person with disabilities, is often low or no cost to employers because state funds cover some of the cost of our services. Consulting on diversity and disability engagement, corporate-wide initiatives and sensitivity trainings are offered on a project basis tailor-made to what the department or company needs. Additionally because the state funds that help support our services do not cover the full cost to provide them, many of our corporate partners additionally support our organization and promote disability through event or other sponsorship.

How does my company participate?

To learn more about partnering with our program, contact the LaunchAbility Career Services Center at My Possibilities at 469-241-9100 or Anne Hudson.

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