Launch Ability 2017 Fundraising Logo Final


LaunchAbility, the non-profit organization in the Dallas area that assists intellectually developmentally and disabled (IDD) adults find jobs fitting their unique skills, today announced the kickoff of the LaunchAbility ‘Independence’ fundraising campaign on July 4th.

“On the day America celebrates its independence, we ask that each one of us takes a moment to consider what independence means not only to us as Americans, but to adults living with cognitive differences – often this is as simple as finding purpose in their work and to live as independent citizens”, said Rick Van Hooser, Executive Director of LaunchAbility. “The decision to use Independence Day to launch this campaign is an important symbol for LaunchAbility and the clients we serve.”

LaunchAbility helps to serve the one in 13 people ages 18-64 in the DFW metroplex that has a disability, through employment placement and job coaching. LaunchAbility clients work in many different industries, from office work and medical environments, to food service and software testing. “For LaunchAbility, we focus on the unique abilities of our clients, not their disabilities, and we work to make sure each of our clients gets to celebrate their independence in their own way, every day,” Van Hooser added. 

Seeking to improve awareness of, and secure needed funds to support the organization’s Placement, Supported Employment, and Academy programs, the Independence campaign looks to raise $76,000 between July 4, 2017 and North Texas Giving Day on September 14, 2017. 

LaunchAbility is a 501c3 organization providing career services, including assessment, mentoring and placement, for adults and veterans with cognitive disabilities. To learn more about LaunchAbility, or to give toward the Independence campaign, visit, call (972) 991-6777, or follow @LaunchAbilityTX on Twitter, @LaunchAbility on Instagram, and Facebook.  DONATE NOW